My Favorite Books on Love

In love, we crave and pine, and we dream of the one that will be ours, even when we don’t speak of it or even know its true name. This is the stage many of us have to deal with when we fall in love, and while it’s a powerful and intoxicating feeling, it also consumes us. We often go through the full range of emotions: the joy, the heartache, the sadness, the jealousy and the desire to throw it all out the window, the desperate clinging and the desire to run away screaming. 

One of the greatest aspects of our species is our ability to love and be loved, and we all have our own ways of going about it. A well-known fact is that books are great companions in life. No matter how old you are, you will always find some book that you can relate to. The book that you love may be the one that has changed your life for the better or the one that has made you laugh out loud. 

Here is a list of books about love:

No One Belongs Here More Than You by Miranda July

The book is short, mainly a collection of essays and journal entries, and it’s written in an almost stream-of-consciousness style. It’s a one-of-a-kind book, and it has been compared to the works of Sylvia Plath, Joan Didion, and Annie Dillard. If you’re looking for a book that will leave you shaken, this is your book.

The Message Game: A Guide To Dating At The Touch Of A Button by Ice White

If you’re looking to improve your communication skills. This book is right for you. In a world where we communicate as much via phone. This book empowers readers to stop doubting and start dating. Honestly, I bought the book after reading a review on Dating Inquirer. Dating Inquirer is the best online reviewer of dating sites. You can view one of their reviews here.  I definitely recommend browsing their blog for dating apps and site reviews.

• Lust & Other Stories by Susan Minot

“Lust & Other Stories” by Susan Minot is a collection of seventeen short stories that range from about four hundred pages to a little over one hundred and fifty pages. They are all about love: love in the sense of falling in love, and in the sense of finding love, and in the sense of losing it. They range from the wild to the mundane, the whimsical to the heart-breaking.  

This Is How You Lose Her by Junot Diaz

“This Is How You Lose Her” is a masterpiece that can make any man fall in love. This book is about the deceptively simple truth that love is a non-thing but a process and how the search for it can rip us apart. Love and loss are two sides of the same coin, and as the author beautifully illustrates, they are also often very difficult to understand.

Reading love books is one of the best ways to keep your mind young and experience a love that lasts forever. Just like a good book, a healthy love book can inspire you, teach you a valuable lesson, and help you cope with love problems. Reading is a great way …

My Favorite Books on Tech

Technology is a fast-growing and exciting industry, and there are lots of books on tech. This is great, but it has its downsides. One of those downsides is that there are no standard books that can be recommended to everyone. As the number of books published on technology grows, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of titles and authors. Here’s a list of my favorite books on technology.

Humanocracy: Creating Organizations as Amazing as the People Inside Them by Gary Hamel and Michele Zanini

The idea of humanocracy, as outlined by Gary Hamel in his book “Creating the future,” has become my new way of thinking about organizations, people, technology, and change.

Modern Romance: An Investigation by Aziz Ansari and Eric Klinenberg

By teaming up with New York University sociologist Eric Klinenberg, he’s written a captivating, meaningful, and amusing book exploring how technology has progressed along with the search for love and how it has shaped the dating environment. How the adoption of technology has changed the way we connect and with the arrival of dating apps such as Tinder and FuckMeets has been a change in how many of us are finding our partners and indeed what we are looking for.

• Competing in the Age of AI by Marco Iansiti and Karim R. Lakhani

This book is for anyone who wants to understand the impact of the growing algorithmic and algorithmic networking functions in our society and personal lives. The book examines these issues through the lens of the new field of network economics. It provides a very different view of how economic relationships are evolving from one based on scarcity to one based on abundance.

• The Future Is Faster Than You Think by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler

The next few years will be defined by the convergence of several technology trends that are already transforming our world. These will include self-driving cars, greater access to artificial intelligence, and merging human and robotic minds.

How to Lead: Wisdom from the World’s Greatest CEOs, Founders, and Game Changers By David Rubenstein

Does leadership require someone with a special set of skills, or does it come down to the innate characteristics of a person? According to successful leaders and CEOs, leaders are not born in a special way but come about through experience, self-awareness, and hard work. But it’s true that experience, hard work, and good judgment can’t happen if you don’t have inborn skills or a talent for leadership. These qualities—including willpower, self-awareness, and the ability to make decisions—are innate, but leadership skills are developed.

• Experimentation Works: The Surprising Power of Business Experiments by Stefan Thomke

Many people would agree that experimentation is crucial in business. But, what kind of experiments can you do when you’re not in a laboratory? The answer is a lot. Labs can be expensive, and the outcome of your experiment may not be as good as you hoped. You might waste a lot of time and money on a product that doesn’t work. But, it’s not impossible to conduct experiments even when you’re not in a lab. You can do experiments with your customers or in your business.

As a tech enthusiast, it is important to read about technology. Reading about devices, operating systems, and platforms …

My Favorite Books on Crime

Crime fiction is a popular genre of literature that has been a minefield for literary writers for a long time. For most of the last century, you had to be either a novelist or a detective to be taken seriously in this genre. The same is true for the crime novel in the 21st century. But in the 21st century, an author doesn’t have to be a novelist or a detective to be taken seriously as a crime writer. 

Anyone who writes a story about crime has a chance of being considered a crime writer. The mystery genre is a favorite of ours, as is a crime in particular. And why not combine the two? So, in this first-ever Crime Blog, we will share our favorite books on crime in no particular order.

The Dry by Jane Harper

In, The Dry, a woman has shot her husband, an abusive drug addict, and is now living in a small town in Australia. As she tries to leave the country, she must confront her dark past. “The Dry” tells the story of a love triangle between a nanny, a painter, and a housemaid. 

While this story sounds fairly typical, the way it’s written is unique. Jane Harper (author of “The Girl Who Played with Fire”) uses a skillfully executed writing style that is as engrossing as realistic. Harper uses lots of dialogue, and the way the characters speak feels real. The style of writing works well in conveying the different characters’ personalities.

• A Judgement in Stone by Ruth Rendell

A Judgement in Stone is a powerful mystery that manages to stay true to the classic crime fiction genre. Ruth Rendell’s protagonist, Dr. Emily Gilmore, is a psychologist who is able to see into the mind of a person and provide not only an analysis of the person’s personality but also an action plan that will solve the person’s problems. 

The story is full of mystery, drama, and murder, and it is a superb example of how great mysteries can be written—and one that I would recommend to anyone who has ever wondered about the ethics of psychology and the true nature of their own personality.

• Garnethill by Denise Mina

The depth of the author’s voice in her novel, “Garnethill,” is unsettling, and the terror of the story’s events is inescapable. The character of Father Donald, the priest who runs Garnethill, was inspired by Father James Gilligan, the priest who ran the Boys’ Home of the Good Shepherds in Boston. Father Donald’s actions mirror the actions attributed to Father Gilligan. The similarities between Father Donald and Father Gilligan are uncanny.

Strangers on a Train by Patricia Highsmith

I’ve always enjoyed Patricia Highsmith’s books. She is a great writer who can create a mood with a very little description. I also love the way her other works come off as a “dark romantic” noir. Strangers on a Train is not the typical book for this writer, yet it is at the top of my list (next to her The Talented Mr. Ripley). It begins with a young couple, Guy and Claire, on a train to a summer resort. 

Guy, a photographer, is on his way to meet his mistress, and Claire is with a friend. He seeks her out to …

Top Books 2021

There is no better time to get into the habit of reading than when you are young! Reading at a young age will help you form good reading habits that will last a lifetime. You will develop an interest in reading that will keep you coming back for more. In 2021, there will be a lot of change in the literary world, but the one thing that will remain the same is the desire for great books. The year 2021 is going to be a great year for books, and we’re going to make sure that you don’t miss out. And here are some of it:

A crooked tree by Una Mannion

How the One-Armed Sister Sweeps Her House by Cherie Jones

The Wife upstairs by Rachel Hawkins

The Kitchen Front by Jennifer Ryan

• The Push by Ashley Audarin

Top books are a specific genre of books and are highly regarded by the reading community. While these books are not always written by the most famous authors, they are usually ahead of their time. The best of these books is usually a powerful and motivational read due to their ability to inspire readers to achieve their goals and/or stretch their minds to new horizons.…