[ The Different Forms Of Flowers On Plants Of The Same Species : ][ The Different Forms Of Flowers On Plants Of The Same Species : ]

The Different Forms Of Flowers On Plants Of The Same Species

The different forms of flower on plants of the same species is a book written by Charles Darwin, it was published in the year 1877. This book is an extensive study of the heterostylous reproductive system of plants, he had already published about this subject in the journal of the proceedings of the  Linnean Society . he himself might not have thought how much attention this subject will draw from the botanist of different ages. Since 141 years of publication of this book innumerable papers have been published on this subject: heterostylous reproductive systems.

Heterostylous flowers are formed in certain kinds of plants, it may occur in the same stalk or in distinct stalks. According to the sexual relation, flowers are divided into polygamous, monoecious, dioecious and hermaphrodite. There is subdivision to this fundamental division.

Monoecious plants: in this category of plant, both male and female flowers are produced on the same plant. In the same plant, some flowers are female whereas some are male. Some species can pollinate themselves and is known as self-pollination.

Dioecious plants: In this type of plant male and female flower occur on separate plants, while both the plants produce flowers.

Polygamous plants: In this category of plant male, female and bisexual flowers occurs on the same plant.

Hermaphrodite plant: this category of plants are again subdivided into two groups heterostyled and cleistogamic.

Darwin investigated heterostyled flowers for many years depending on the physiology and the pollination pattern of the flowers. In his research, he found the economy of nature for the large-scale production of seeds.

In short, we can say this book presents the emerging ideas on the evolution of flower and also highlights Darwin’s influence in this field. Darwin got interested in the plants from many people in his life, his grandfather, father and his mentor of Cambridge had a great impact to grow his interest in this subject.

But the most interesting fact is ever after 200 years if Darwin’s birth we are still searching for the answer to the basic question Form of Flowers. But the research conducted later has largely supported  Darwin’s approach on heterostyly. Although the syndrome outlined by Darwin has deviated many times. But the majority of the research has supported Darwin’s theory. Darwin in his book has also acknowledged the importance of self-sterility in the ancestors of heterostyled flowers. To know more about this book click on the link Bitcoin Trader review.

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