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Effects Of Cross And Self Fertilisation In The Vegetable Kingdom

Effects Of Cross And Self Fertilisation In The Vegetable Kingdom
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Cross and self-fertilisation are interesting concepts. The beauty of nature is very much evident in every living activity in the vegetable kingdom. Self-fertilisation is observed when pollen of the same plant interacts with the ovule. We have such rare instances to state this phenomenon. While trying to understand the qualities developed through such self-fertilisation, it was further inferred that the progeny tends to perform inferior compared to the others. This was experimentally proven. Hybrid combinations have their own speciality being driven from two different species.

The inheritance of qualities from two different plants through cross pollination seems to give better traits in terms of the colour, strength and other aspects related fragrance. Same concept can be assimilated to human beings as well. When an offspring is a culmination of parents who are closely related in the same family though, tend to have traits that are similar to the members in the family.

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