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The Descent Of Man

The Descent Of Man
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Charles Darwin was born in  Shrewsbury, Shropshire, on 12th February 1809. His father was a doctor and a financer and mother was a homemaker. He was from a wealthy and influential family of England.

He started his education in medicine from Edinburg university but he later changed his field of study from medicine to Christ college Cambridge University.  But here also he was not getting interested in studies. He used to spend a lot of time examining nature science and beetle collection. Seeing his interest in natural science he was offered a position of natural scientist in HMS Beagle on a voyage to the coast of South America. On the voyage, he became interested in the finch and had a kept a curious eye how in each island their character changes. He also observed how they are adapting to the climate and other aspects of every island.

After coming back from the voyage for the next twenty years he worked on evolution and adaption of the species on different islands.

Influenced by the work of Malthus, Darwin came up with his theory of natural selection and gradual evolution.  He continuously reworked on this theory and finally in 1859 his book “origin of species by means of natural selection” was published. The book soon became the center of attention and had got widespread popularity. His ideas are still now accepted in scientific and nonreligious society.

Darwin was brought up in a church in England and was getting trained to be a priest. But after coming back from the voyage of South America he turned himself away from the church and became doubtful about the source of history that Bible provides. However, he never considered himself an atheist.  In his autobiography, he wrote he gave up Christianity as he disagrees with the statement that nonbelievers spend eternity in hell.

On 19th April 1882, he died. He was given a state burial at Westminster Abbey. He was a great naturalist, geologist, and biologist. Click on Bitcoin Loophole to learn more about him.