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Charles Darwin Pictures









Charles Darwin is one of the best scientists in the world. He lived several centuries before modern scientists even grew. But, his findings are exemplary. His ideologies influenced a lot in the way he experimented. His theory of natural selection and the survival of the fittest was not easily found out. His research started with collecting simple species and varied ones in his long voyage. Close to South America, at the Galapagos Islands, he found that the Finch was developed differently in different islands. He found that they had acquired special characteristics particular to survive in their land.

Later, for the next twenty years he patiently observed, analysed and started to draft his findings. It was not an easy task. His perseverance held his research strong. In order to establish a strong hold, he even started growing species at home to prove his thoughts. He was able to conclude that considering the struggle for life, any simple or large variation developed for any cause if it is useful in any degree to its growth or to withstand the external nature will be preserved with the species and transferred to the next generation as well. This is how it is evolved in the long run.

The very special thing to be noted about Charles Darwin is his early interest in nature and his perseverance and the willingness to research. He never gave up till he proved what he thought about the evolution. Now, his theory is considered life science to understand the diversity of life. The learning aspect for us from his life is the consistent interest that he had towards his vision and his observations.

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